Westpoint Casino is an ISO 27001 certified organization. That means our procedures and systems provide the highest level of security. These are some ways in which we keep your data and funds safe:

  • We only store data required to manage your account.
  • Only staff with the proper authorization can access your data.
  • All games run from remote servers to prevent fraud or tampering.
  • Your financial and data transactions are processed through a fully protected database.
  • Our security systems and policies are constantly updated.


You can also take measures to keep your account safe. Below are some tips to prevent your data and funds from falling into the wrong hands.

1. Store your account info in a safe place

Never allow any third party to access or view your sensitive account information. Keep this info, such as your password, in a safe place. Even if someone says they work for Westpoint Casino, don’t share your password. Our staff would never ask for it.

2. Browse safely

When you go on the Internet, always use a safe browser from a reputable company. We recommend using Google Chrome. Keep your internet browser up to date. When playing at Westpoint Casino, we recommend closing all tabs and applications you’re not using. These opened apps or tabs could be a way for criminals to access your computer. 

3. Beware of unsafe software

Always check if software you want to download comes from a trusted source. Unsafe software could carry an increased risk of criminals accessing your computer. Keep all software, including your operating system and internet browser, up to date.

4. Keep malware out

Criminals can access and corrupt files and data on your computer using malware. Malware is any type of malicious software used to do damage or expose your files or data. Examples are viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and ransomware. Use trusted and updated antimalware programs to keep criminals and their malicious software out.

5. Check your statements and accounts regularly

Always check your bank statements, payment accounts, and other accounts for irregularities. If you see any suspicious transactions or other activity, take immediate action. If any of this suspicious activity in some way seems to involve Westpoint Casino, contact us immediately. We’ll look into it and take any necessary action.

More information

If you’d like to know more about this subject, check out our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and commitment to Responsible Gaming.