Our commitment to Responsible Gaming

At Westpoint Casino we are strongly committed to Responsible Gaming. This means we feel a social responsibility towards our players. We also take all efforts to ensure that only players of legal gambling age can participate in the games and that the games are fair and fun. Read more about our Responsible Gaming policy.

Don’t hesitate to contact staff

Do you have questions or need help keeping control over your gambling behavior? Our skilled staff is trained to proactively assist in fighting problematic gambling. In addition to help, personal assistance, and tips, we also provide limitation tools in our casino accounts for players to keep their gambling behavior under control.

Tips to play responsibly

To make sure gambling at Westpoint Casino is all about fun, our players should consider the following tips when playing:

  1. Play our games for entertainment, not as a means of making money.
  2. Ensure you only play with money you can afford.
  3. Keep track of time when gambling, as it’s easy to get caught up in the fun.
  4. Never play as a means to escape your problems.
  5. The games are games of chance. Understanding how the games work can help in having more fun, but will not guarantee a financially positive outcome.
  6. Never gamble when experiencing severe emotions or depression, as this affects your judgment.
  7. Do not gamble under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Possible signs of compulsive gambling

Gambling can become addictive and have negative consequences on your life. Can you answer “yes” to 1 or more of the questions below? If so, we recommend that you take all action necessary to regain control of your gambling habit.

  • Have you ever lost track of time while gambling?
  • Have you chosen gambling over socializing with friends?
  • Have you ever stayed away from school, university or work in order to gamble?
  • Have you gambled away more than you could afford to lose?
  • Have you gambled away meant for basic living expenses?
  • Have others ever criticized your gambling?
  • Do you gamble whenever you feel sad, frustrated, or otherwise emotionally vulnerable?
  • Have you ever borrowed or stolen money in order to fund your gambling?
  • Have you ever tried to win back lost money by gambling (chasing losses)?
  • Have you ever felt stressed, restless, and/or eager to gamble when attempting to take a break or trying not to gamble?
  • Have you ever felt depressed or even suicidal due to your gambling?

Need help?

If you or someone you know has developed a compulsive gambling problem, we encourage that you seek help. Reach out to your local organization or try 1 of the following online organizations:

Responsible Gaming tools

Each registered Westpoint Casino player account has a section labeled My Limits. Here you can find all the Limitation tools we offer, which can be applied, disabled, and regulated by you as you wish. These tools offer ways to keep track of your gaming and limit deposits, time spent on games, or account accessibility altogether.

Protection of minors

Westpoint Casino only accepts players of legal gambling age. We reserve the right to ask players for proof of identity. If the casino should find a registered player account belonging to an underaged player, the account will be immediately blocked.

If you as a parent wish to protect your child from being exposed to gambling online, we recommend that you install software that allows you to restrict access to gambling websites. You can read more about such software on 1 of the following websites:


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